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Founded in 2019, Vector Burst is the Top source for news in Tech, gaming, social & digital trends, and lifestyles. Vector Burst is the most prolific news site reporting breaking web news, providing analysis of trends, reviewing new websites and services, and offering lifestyle resources and guides.

Vector Burt’s audience includes early adopters, social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, gamers, influencers, environmentalists, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Web 2.0 aficionados and technology journalists. Burst is also popular with bloggers as well as Twitter and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic.

Burst Prides itself on being a news blog for the people by the people with a community atmosphere! With that idea in mind, we are always looking for new guest contributors who are looking to create insightful and descriptive articles.


  • We will only accept articles of the highest quality.

  • Article length preferably between 400-600 words (can vary on circumstances)

  • We have the right to take down any content that we feel attacks, slanders, and/or in any way makes the audiences experience less enjoyable.

  • (Notice: We are not a political or Gossip blog. all articles that contain political/social issues will be covered from a neutral standpoint)


  1. Exposure to an ever growing audience throughout our community with over 30,000 subscribers.

  2. Joining a growing community of writers

  3. The ability to write in multiple genres.

Topics that are discussed:

We are always looking for individuals to write about innovative topic within the following areas:

  1. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

  2. Digital trends

  3. Lifestyles (cooking, traveling, etc.)

  4. Technology and Innovation

  5. Startups

  6. Video Games

  7. Entertainment

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