Aina The Smart Ring!

Aina The Smart Ring!

For Today’s Company Spotlight, we are shining the light on a company that has created a smart ring!

About Aina Ring:

Aina is the easiest and the fastest way to control almost Everything without the need to take your phone out. Aina is a premium AI powered smart ring that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and becomes a personalized remote for controlling smart home devices, booking cabs and unlocking devices effortlessly. Aina is also an easier way to take phone calls and talk with Voice Assistants privately, just place your fingertips near your ear and get talking. Aina is also a subtle Fitness Tracker and a beautiful timepiece that sits on your finger. Aina is a beautiful interface that makes use of your smartphone as a remote computing device to let you handle daily tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Current Status:

The company has made the final prototype of Aina and is currently taking Pre-Orders for Aina on Kickstarter. The planned date of shipping is February 2020.


Why you need Aina:
Based on the companies research and studies regarding the Mechanics of Human Body and considering the current technologies available for commercialization in the market, Aina is the Easiest, Fastest and the Laziest way to control. Anything.
“We are a team of Product Designers, Engineers and Data Scientists (collectively Gadget lovers) who got tired of swiping, tapping and unlocking our phones for every other thing and set out to find an easier way to handle tasks that we do on a daily basis.” We spent the last 2 years in Research and Development to devise the perfect solution incorporating the latest advancements in AI, Acoustics and Microelectronics to create Aina. Aina is about 70% faster than your smartphone touchscreens and about 30% faster than Smart Speakers at getting Everyday tasks done.  

How to Use Aina:

Aina connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 and works with our Aina app installed in your phone. Its controlled using 4 swipe gestures in 4 different directions on the touch sensing area of the ring that control Aina's display. These Swipe gestures are detected by a combination of Touch sensors on the Band's surface and Motion sensors inside the ring by algorithms that are trained and calibrated to your specific way of swiping on the ring. And whenever you swipe on the ring, you feel a subtle vibration as feedback. By using a combination of such a sensing and feedback mechanism, we avoid accidental inputs for the ring. In case you anyways activate a shortcut by mistake, you can swipe down right after the feel the vibrational feedback to undo that action.

The home screen displays time and any recent notifications. AI shortcuts come as pop ups over the Home screen which you can choose to Accept, reject, snooze. You can also find the most relevant shortcuts for you by swiping left to right across the home screen. Swipe Down on the Home screen to activate your Voice Assistant and enter specific "Modes" by giving a Custom Voice Command to Aina.


Using a Proprietary Acoustic channel design and applying DSP on sound in the Human Speech range, our patent pending Near Field Directional Sound technology projects sound in a focused beam towards your ear from Aina when you place your fingertips near your ear. 

  • Take Phone calls: Say "Call Jay" to call your friend Jay through Aina. For incoming calls, Aina vibrates and shows you who is calling, swipe up to receive the call and talk from your fingers.

  • Talk to Voice Assistants: Swipe down on Home Screen and talk with Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa privately without saying the assistant's name. Aina's mic gets activated only when you swipe to activate the Voice assistant so there is no always-listening mode that may hinder your privacy.

Demo of Near Field Directional Sound using the final prototype of Aina Ring.

Aina Phone Call Female No Text.jpg


Aina takes custom Voice commands and enters into specific modes to control individual devices or services. Third parties will soon be able to make their own Modes for Aina. A few modes that are going to be part of the first version of Aina are:

  • Slideshow Mode: Control slideshow by swiping up down left right on Aina.

  • Smart Light mode: Control the intensity and color of smart bulbs using Aina for any device that can be controlled through IFTTT .

  • Music Mode: Switch tracks on your phone using Aina, even if you are listening to music from Bluetooth speakers or wireless earphones connected to your phone.

  • TV Remote Mode: Control your TV by swiping on Aina or by giving Voice commands. Works with FireTV and Sensy Remote.

Swipe down 3 times in 2 seconds from any Screen and SOS Mode gets activated- Your location co-ordinates are sent to your loved ones and if you are are subsribed to a Security service, the estimated time for arrival of help will be displayed to you.

Aina shortcuts while watching TV.jpg


We have partnered with Lisnr Inc., a US company specializing in communication protocols using encrypted sound wherein two devices communicate with each other using near ultrasonic sound that is inaudible, encrypted and more secure than NFC(you can anyways paste an NFC sticker on Aina if you use it a lot). Applications of Sound based authentication are limitless, but we start with a few popular ones: 

  • POS Payments: Make payments at select POS terminals around the world just by waving your hand near the receiving device, cross check the amount on Aina and swipe up to approve the transaction.

  • P2P Payments: Send money to your friend's phone in Digital Wallets that allow transactions via Sound based authentication.

  • *Access Cards: Aina creates an encrypted Sound ID for you to access Metros, public transport services and Offices that accept Sound based authentication. Once you help us make Aina popular, we will try and get Sound based authentication installed in all major Public Transport services.


Aina is fitness tracker packed with 6 axis Motion sensors to track your daily activity. Aina is specially designed to complement your office attire as opposed to typical Silicon band based fitness trackers.

  • Step Counting

  • Calorie tracking

Aina Fitness male.jpg


Aina is the first ring that features a 200 DPI OLED Display. A display that is designed to always stay in your field of view, so you can see the time and check phone notifications even when you are driving, typing, writing or just sitting.

  • Check Time

  • Subtle Vibration Feedback for selected notifications

  • Check Phone Notifications: You can select which applications you want notifications from and whenever a selected app's notification comes, Aina will vibrate and the app's icon will be displayed in its screen. AIUI and Notifications also work in sync, if you give Aina access to your notifications, AIUI will predict a shortcut for you based on the Notification.

Aina has been designed to complement your daily attire so you look great even when you are snapping your fingers like Thanos. How intelligent notifications look like on Aina

SOS Mode.jpg
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