GPCA CARABINER | Daily Essentials Made Simple | a multifunction EDC gear for adventurists

GPCA CARABINER | Daily Essentials Made Simple | a multifunction EDC gear for adventurists

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GPCA Products is launching GPCA Carabiner (GP Carabiner), the minimalist utility carabiner. The campaign is raising funds on at 200K, probably the most funded carabiner.

GPCA carabiner is built with the most-used EDC essentials such as box cutter/ knife, screwdriver set, pry tool, bottle opener, secret capsule, guarding knuckle. With all the detail fine-tuned on it, adventurers can do more with less. 

GPCA is a product development firm based in Silicon Valley, designs everyday products that empower outdoor adventurists and automotive enthusiasts.

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Refining a carabiner by carving material out to build the most-used utility features, adventurers can do more with less. GP-Carabiners are performance-built from titanium, steel, aluminum—some of the hardest-working (and best-looking) materials available.

Box Cutter:

The most common problem we have: dealing with stacks of delivery boxes which most of our stuff arrives in nowadays.

Reaching for your cutter and realizing it's not there gives everyone that sinking feeling. Keep it close at hand with the GP-Carabiner. It's one of the best box cutters ever designed in a totally different form. You have a smooth riding edge as the sliding base to set the cutting angle and depth to avoid cutting the goods inside, and your fingers are well protected inside the carabiner as the guard. The ergonomic design also allows for easy one-handed usage thanks to strategically placed cutouts on the blade.


Screwdriver Set:

Making a quick fix can sometimes be as simple as tightening a screw, but who really wants to lug around a screwdriver with them everywhere? The GP-Carabiner has an integrated Philips + Flathead screwdriver, form-fitting inside the CNC machined unibody.

The build, more importantly, provides much-needed grip and torque for turning screws even more than any regular compact screwdrivers. 

Bottle Opener and Pry Tool:

The joy to open a beer is nothing less than any stand-alone bottle opener. It's capable for the casual outing or formal dinner with its ergonomic thumb rest spot and high leverage. The prong on the opening doubles as an excellent pry tool and nail remover thanks to the GP-Caribiner's side curvature. It provides the leverage and comfort which most small pry bars lack.


Quick-access knuckles to protect when in doubt of your safety in the wild or urban jungle. In an emergency, react with GP-Carabiner in hand instantly.

Secret Capsule:

We prototyped and integrated the right amount of force for the self-closing bar, inside the closing bar, a tiny capsule makes a perfect space for messages, flintstone backup and small-med.



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