Hoverpen: The Executive Pen That Defies Gravity

Hoverpen: The Executive Pen That Defies Gravity

Let’s face it, we’re disconnected from the real world. We take notes electronically, send mail via the internet, and even doodle with a mouse cursor. Have we forgotten the calming feel of a real pen in the hand? The grasp of an exquisitely designed writing instrument, engineered by those that love the ancient craft of writing?

Maybe it’s because regular pens are boring. We thought so, so we added a little magic. We’re on a mission to bring wonder back into the world of writing.

Introducing the Hoverpen, the world’s first selfstanding pen. Using magnetic repulsion technology, the Hoverpen takes a stand against the long-oppressive force of gravity. Built from space-grade titanium, the Hoverpen is designed to turn heads in the office.

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk, staring at the Hoverpen as it stands bolt-upright, supported by nothing more than the miracle of science. You tap its shaft and the Hoverpen dips slowly back and forth into a mesmerizing swing. You spin it, and it embarks on an almost infinite spin, like it’s been plucked right out of the movie Inception. The Hoverpen is more than a scientific marvel, it is a welcome distraction to any busy mind and its exquisite craftsmanship will turn any desktop into a showcase. Sometimes it’s hard to start conversations. Let Hoverpen do the talking for you.

The Hoverpen launches on Kickstarter in March 2019. Sign up today for the limited early bird at www.thehoverpen.com.


Interview with the Founder of Shanpo:

1. How did you come up with the idea of the Hover Pen and how long have you been working on this? 

The Founder of Shanpo, David Liang, majored in physics in university, and studied Electromagnetism. To him, the electric field and magnetic field are twins. There're so many people put efforts in developing electronic products, but very less people put attention to the magnetic. To us,  we think that the pure magnetic fields are very "attractive" (pun intended) and with great potential to bring something new-amazing designs to life. Thus we've been thinking what we can do with magnetic forces. One midnight, it came to David's mind to combine magnets into our daily tool --- the pen. He wanted a very stylish and "attractive" way to stand on the desk. It had to be very stylish, so you can't help but want to pick it up and use it. 

We soon made the first prototype of Hoverpen. The way to stand the pen, at that time, was too simple, and we found there was already the same type of pen in the market (horizontally). We didn't want to give up, so we spent a year making tons of prototype with various way to make the pen stand on its own. It wasn't easy, but finally, we cracked it. The Hoverpen was born.

 Now the latest Hoverpen allows you to spin it, it's easy to pick up, and the way the pen stands is stylish and unique. A must have on one's desk.


2. Who is working with you to help design and build the pen?  

Shanpo, our brand, was established initially by David Liang and his friend, Wei. Wei was David's classmate from kindergarten all the way to senior-high school, so they grew up together. Wei is an industrial designer. All the visual elements of our products and brand are designed by Wei. Our core value is to create unique products with whole new experiences for grown-ups.-

3. What is your personal background in designing and why are you interested in creating this pen? 

David majored in physics in university and studied business management in graduate school. Science always fascinated David. However, compared to academic study, he was more passionate about designing unique products that had a bit of mystery to them. He believes that the Hoverpen will amaze people with the magnetic, a natural force of nature. The fact that with the magnets, the Hoverpen can literally stand infinitely, without having to use electricity! David believes that the Hoverpen can literally "attract" people to write with pens again, instead of taking notes with electronic devices. Let's put down the phone and experience the enchantment of the Hoverpen! 

4. Is this your first design project and first time using Kickstarter? 

To be honest, this is our second Kickstarter Project. Our first product was a "Stereo Puzzle", a user-friendly DIY speaker series, bringing you fun and functionality. Although the project successfully funded, and was even selected as a "Project we love" by Kickstarter, we didn't put much focus in marketing so it did not raise as much funds as we would have hoped. Equipped with more preparation and more experience this time, we hope to have a much more successful project with the Hoverpen. 

5. How long do you anticipate it to take for production and shipping? 

After the quantity is confirmed, the estimated time to manufacturing time is 2 to 3 months, and we anticipate to take one months to pack and ship all the packages.

The Hoverpen Features:

·         Ability to freestand

·         Mesmerizing motion and a great fidget tool

·         Magnetic cap keeps the nib protected

·         Space Grade Materials – high-grade premium titanium options available

·         Smooth Ink Flow – the pen uses a design that’s applauded by writers around the world

·         Compatible with other commercial ink cartridges

·         Satin finish feels high-quality in the hand

Website: https://www.thehoverpen.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehoverpen/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehoverpen/

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