KAT loco with all of its Bells  and Whistles!

KAT loco with all of its Bells and Whistles!

KAT loco is a universally compatible & affordable VR locomotion system that activates your lower body, granting full physicality of real and immersive VR interactions of head controlling for vision, hand controlling for manual interactions, and foot controlling for locomotion and freeing your hands from controlling body directions with the help of controllers. That’s why KAT VR believes this is the right future for VR interaction.


Our system comes with dozens of cutting-edge features and functions. Among them:

  •  Complete Locomotion System

Walk, run and stop instantly with analogue speed and low latency. Move backwards, strafe, use cruise control and even fully utilize your play area with loco’s Roomscale support to freely walk around, jump, crouch and go prone!

  • Decoupled Head and Body Directions

One of main differences between motion in games and real-life movement is independent control over head and body directions. With introduction of such a function, Loco enables you to independently look around, aim and shoot while continuously moving towards any intended direction.

  • Universal Compatibility

One of the main features of KAT Loco is its unparalleled compatibility with all major headsets and platforms, allowing you to freely play just any VR Free Locomotion game.

  • Keyboard and Gamepad Modes

We’re working on our native keyboard and gamepad modes for even greater content compatibility.

 Advanced Algorithms & Low Latency loco’s sensors are integrated with several unique solutions such as Smart Anti-Interference Algorithms for improved precision of actions or Information fusion based inertial motion capture and K-KF filtering algorithms system for enhanced tracking accuracy and low motion latency.

  • Multifunctional Software & Adjustable Parameters

KAT Loco comes with our new multi-functional software designed specifically for home use ‒ KAT Gateway. We decided to combine simplicity of Loco’s control panel with adjustability of its parameters allowing you to turn KAT loco into a perfect VR input device for your needs.

  • VR/PC Integrated Control Panel

Thanks to KAT Gateway you can get quick access to loco’s control panel both from a computer desktop and directly from your VR headset.

  • User-Friendly, Wireless Design

KAT loco is completely cable free, its controllers are easy to setup, wear and use, and the device comes with super durable batteries that last up to 10 hours of continuous use!

And More!

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KAT loco provides you with all of that and more to ensure a unique combination of high functionality with simplicity and convenience of use. With all of its features you can experience an unparalleled locomotion system capable of increasing your immersion, reducing motion sickness and solving the space limitation issue.

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