Lumir K: Cooking Oil Powered LED Lamp

Lumir K: Cooking Oil Powered LED Lamp

LUMIR K is the one and only cooking oil powered LED lamp that converts the thermal energy of cooking oil into electricity. Lumir K converts the small thermal energy of cooking oil into electricity and it turns on the bright LEDs. This amazing lantern will light up where you want and it make an impact on the world where it is needed. 

Lumir K is an easy, accessible and sustainable solution for those who need a light.

Lumir K uses cooking oil to generate electricity.

Cooking oil is one of the cheapest and familiar ingredients as it is easily found from grocery stores in the city to tiny kiosk shops in a remote area.

Olive, canola and sunflower oil, it doesn't matter what kind of cooking oil is. Without any batteries or external power supply, only with tiny flame which is as big as candle, Lumir K gives you an instant and 100 times brighter light.

Lumir K has brought the gaze of many design awards with its innovation and sustainability and it achieved CE and its core technology is patented.

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Lumir K for Impact

Lumir has been resolving the light shortages and delivering the beauty of light.

Our journey started from a small but momentous experience during the trip to India, learning that there are so many places around the world suffering from unreliable or no electricity supply.

Among 1.2 billion who do not have access to electricity, most of them rely on kerosene lamps which is dark, harmful for health and the environment. Using kerosene lamps indoors has the same effect as smoking 40 cigarettes and the cost for fuel takes up even 30% of the household's income.

That's why we invented Lumir K as an effective solution for the light shortage issue.

In the case of kerosene lamps, only 10% of the energy from the fuel is used for illuminating because the flame itself is the direct light, and the rest, 90% of the energy is just scattered in the air as a heat. 
However, Lumir K harnesses the wasted 90% of the heat energy to turn on the LEDs, so it is pretty economical as it provides a brighter light only with a small flame.

 LUMIR K can be used anytime and anywhere while solar lamps has a big weather constraints in many areas like Indonesia where the average rainy days are more than 160 days. 

After our first crowdfunding campaign, we became a partner of KOICA, Korean International Cooperation Agency, and Lumir K was piloted in Indonesia.

Lumir K provides 4.1 times brighter light than kerosene lamps, while its economic effect was also achieved with 80% lower fuel consumption compared to kerosene lamps. It also reduces carbon emissions by about 90%.

For every "Give" perks funded from the campaign, Lumir K will be distributed to power families in remote village in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Under a cooperation with government organization, Volunteer distribution trip is going to be in September and all the process will be shared via updates and newsletter!

If you support "Empower 100 families", you can name a specific location you want to aid. Lumir will cover the shipping cost if the destination in one of the countries listed here. (Please note that you are responsible for applicable taxes and customs tariffs.) Or still you can pitch in supporting the village in Cambodia, 100 Lumir K you backed will be given out through our distribution trip

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Key Features


 Lumir K harnesses the heat energy of a small flame which usually scattered into the air and generate electricity. Without any external power supply, it lights up LEDs which is almost 100 times brighter than a candle.

Easy to Use

Just placing the lamp over the lit wick will turn the LED light on.


Olive, canola and palm oil, it doesn't matter what kind of cooking oil is.


Consumes only 5ml of oil for 1 hour of light

Instant light

No need of charging or battery, also it is weather independent unlike the solar products.

10-year life cycle

You can enjoy sustainable light of Lumir K for 10 years.

Make an Impact

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Not only Lumir K comes in handy for users, also it provides the light of hope to those who without access to electricity in remote area. Your support will make the impact bigger.

 About Lumir: 

Lumir is a social venture, resolving the light shortages and delivering the beauty of light.

With a goal to light up the world, team Lumir had a successful campaign with our first product, candle powered LED lamp.

Lumir promised to keep developing solutions for families in off-grid area and finally came back with Lumir K by improving efficiency and changing fuel as cooking oil.

Currently, Lumir is working with many organizations to bring the light to off-grid world, especially where solar products are limited to fully function due to the climates, like Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, etc.


CEO/Founder of Lumir Jehwan Park was listed as 30 under 30 Asia by Forbes



 Winner of Asia Design Prize

Dyson Design Award

KGCCI innovation Awards (in Sustainability)

Hardware Cup 3rd Place

And many more…

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