MAXFIT: The World’s First Truly Portable All-In-1 Smart Gym

MAXFIT: The World’s First Truly Portable All-In-1 Smart Gym


MAXFIT wants to be known as the world’s first truly portable, all-in-one fitness machine. Its revolutionary design allows users of all fitness levels to do all of the exercises they would normally do in a gym, at the same resistance levels, which is something that has been lacking in many home gyms until now.  With MAXFIT’S patent pending PowerClutch technology, users will have the ability to adjust resistance levels from 10lbs to an unprecedented 300lbs. Additionally, with MAXFIT’s onboard electronics and Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone or tablet, the hardware can communicate directly with the free MAXFIT App. The MAXFIT App serves as a personal trainer and allows users to keep track of their workouts, progress, and even suggests alternate movements so users can optimize their time, and most importantly, reach their fitness goals. And because of MAXFIT’s lightweight and compact design, which weighs less than 9lbs and can fit in a small duffle bag, users can take their workouts anywhere.


Today, MAXFIT is launching their Kickstarter campaign with hopes of reaching audiences all over the world. With support from the MAXFIT community, they can achieve their three goals:

  1. Deliver the first portable all in one gym

  2. Improve the health and well-being of people everywhere

  3. Help in the revival of their hometown and manufacture in Detroit


“I was inspired to create MAXFIT a few years back when I was traveling so often for work, and I would continuously miss my gym workouts and lose any gains I had made.  This was very frustrating, and there weren’t any portable workout devices out there that could replicate what I would normally do in a gym. What makes MAXFIT special is the unique resistance mechanism we’ve incorporated into our product called the PowerClutch. It allows users the ability to incorporate countless exercises at resistance levels similar to full-sized equipment, but in a package that weighs less than nine pounds” said Nezar Akeel, Creator and Founder of MAXFIT. “Our vision through this Kickstarter campaign is to create a community that believes in our company, our product, and our vision, and can help us deliver this truly amazing fitness solution that helps them reach their fitness goals and lead a more healthy lifestyle.”

The MAXFIT team cares about creating innovative health and fitness solutions that can improve the well-being of all of its customers. MAXFIT promotes a holistic training approach that encompasses smart workouts, balanced nutrition, and positive mental health.

Your can purchase the MAXFIT HERE

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