Oh! T, the intelligent, patent-pending tea infuser that adjusts for your perfect taste.

Oh! T, the intelligent, patent-pending tea infuser that adjusts for your perfect taste.

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Oh! T is the world’s first intelligently designed, patent-pending 3-in-1 tea strainer that empowers tea-lovers with ultimate control and efficiency of their loose tea brewing experience. The innovative magnetic tea-lid allows drinkers to adjust the strength of the brew by moving the tea infuser up and down inside cup, letting the infuser sit inside the water or above, while the smart cup design enhances aroma and flavor development for tea brewed to a T!


Ultimate Control

Use the magnetic lid to adjust the height of the infuser ball as little or as frequently as you want, controlling the exact taste and strength of your tea. Simply fill the stainless steel ball with your chosen loose tea leaves, pour hot water into the glass and then attach the stainless steel infuser to the magnetic lid. From there, you move the ball up or down or detach it altogether until you have your perfect cup of tea.

Intelligent Design

Oh! T has been designed with the tea-lover at heart. The glass has been crafted with an ergonomic handle and the bottom designed to ensure the ball rolls easily and evenly to enhance and reveal the full taste and aroma of the tea. The transparent glass also grants a visual experience, stimulating the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. Lastly, the eco-friendly cork lid can be used to keep the water hot as the tea is brewing or while waiting to be enjoyed.

Enhanced Safety

Tea drinkers using infusers often struggle with burns from steam and hot water, but with Oh! T, your hands never have to come into contact with any heat, so there’s no risk of nasty burns or scalds.

No Mess Convenience

The smart, magnetic lid doubles as a convenient drip tray where you can safely and neatly rest your infuser once you are done with your brewing.

Where to Buy

You can pre-order Oh! T on Kickstarter today!