pi-top [4] the smarter way to design, code & make anything!

pi-top [4] the smarter way to design, code & make anything!

pi-top, the creative learning company, today announces the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at the maker and creative communities. Its latest product, pi-top [4], is a programmable computing module designed for making.

Early Kickstarter backers will be the first to get their hands on a pi-top [4], shipping in November, from just $199, with added options such as a HD Touchscreen and

Bluetooth keyboard as well as pi-top [AVK] – Advanced Vehicle Kit - that comes with everything you need to design and make fully programmable vehicles.

pi-top [4] has a fully programmable mini screen and buttons, 5-hour internal battery, CPU cooling system and accompanying project kits and components. Powering all of this is the revolutionary Raspberry Pi 4 computer with 4GB of RAM, and a new social making platform called Further.

With pi-top [4], you can turn screen time in to creativity time, and develop your coding skills and imagination to design exciting projects to solve real-world challenges.


Powered by the latest version of the UK’s bestselling computer, the Raspberry Pi, the pi-top [4] is a go-anywhere device with a host of applications, from designing and controlling a drone, to programming a light show, facial-recognition camera rig or humanoid robot.

Graham Brown-Martin, Chief Education & Product Officer at pi-top says “The Raspberry Pi 4 will make an already versatile product a world-class tool for creators everywhere. Our Kickstarter community will be able to undertake ambitious projects, scientific surveys and even edit video and program music.”

pi-top is also announcing Further, the new social making engine for makers, creatives, modders, and hackers to tap into high quality resources and share their creations with others. Further teaches you how to use all the pi-top components by completing challenges and contributing projects to the community.

Brown-Martin adds “The maker community will be instrumental in shaping our new flagship product. With Further, the proprietary social making engine that we are developing, users will be able to discover and share exciting new projects that will lead to exponential collaborative innovation across borders to solve real-world challenges.”

pi-top inspires people of all backgrounds to develop the skills of tomorrow and create a better future. Extensive research by pi-top’s dedicated learning team shows that ‘making’ projects develops creativity, critical thinking and design skills.

pi-top CEO & co-founder Jesse Lozano says “A maker mindset is essential to thrive in a rapidly transforming world. With pi-top [4] we are using world-leading technology to help you create solutions to real world problems. We’ve spent the last five years designing, developing and making to get to pi-top [4] and I can’t wait to get it into the community’s hands.”

Learn more about pi-top [4] Kickstarter here. Follow pi-top on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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About pi-top:

In 2014 pi-top’s two founders set out to design and make the world’s first 3D printed laptop. But with no space to create the laptop, they first they had to figure out how to make a workbench to build it on.

Learning, designing and making is in the company’s DNA. It’s how the company went from a single prototype laptop to the 80-strong creative design company, comprised of a global team of industrial designers, engineers and learning theorists, who have designed, manufactured and shipped more than 250,000 units.

The pi-top hardware platform is an award-winning ecosystem used around the world in

thousands of homes, maker spaces and schools worldwide, blending physical computing

and project-based learning with Computer Science and STEAM (science, technology,

engineering, arts and maths) education. With the launch of pi-top [4] the company is looking to inspire a generation of makers.

The team at pi-top has come a long way since that first 3D printed laptop, but they’ve never stopped learning, listening and making. And, yes, they still have their first workbench.

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