Smartmike+ A Groundbreaking And Advanced Audio Recording  Device For Content Creators

Smartmike+ A Groundbreaking And Advanced Audio Recording Device For Content Creators

For a very long time now content creators have been dealing with the issue of sound quality. Audio

receiving equipment with advanced technology is just too expensive and everyone seems to be

stuck in one place.

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Now, a team of audio engineers and specialist have created the SmartMike+ recording device.

SmartMike+ is a groundbreaking TWS lavalier microphone with real-time transmission and

synchronization of full-band stereo recording. The device is the perfect companion for vlogging,

recording, remixing, voice-over, dubbing and more, using a smartphone.

It allows real-time Bluetooth mixing of multichannel audio and auto lip-sync, and supports music

playbacks and phone calls. It also comes with free iPhone and Android apps that gives the user total

control of their audio and video.

People who create content for a living now have a lightweight, easy to use, and flexible device to

collect audio separately while syncing automatically. Its acoustics was created by genius audio

engineers who have worked with Amazon, Google, and other top brands.

More information is available here.

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SmartMike+ is the first mic in the world that transmits real-time stereo, and at the same time


retaining different directional clues with immersive sound field than other mono microphones. It

ensures that any outdoor video is enhanced by CD-quality audio that has no comparison.

During a group interview, audio can be collected using both the device mic and the mic on the

smartphone. Users can select three modes for recording including interview, vlog, and audio. It’s a

modern audio recording device that beats the competition, taking several steps ahead of the game.

Usually, when recording audio using a separate device, the audio file is stored separately. Tedious

and time-consuming post-production work is needed to sync audio with video. SmartMike+ is

loaded with new technology that eliminates the need for post-production work. Just connect the

device with a smartphone Bluetooth and start recording video with the free app and the audio and

video file will be saved, already synced.

SmartMike+ has an incredible noise cancellation capacity that gives users clearer audio even when

they are recording in a crowded and noisy area. The device also comes with 3.5mm unilateral

monitoring earpiece and auto-caption videos with voice AI technology allows OTA updating and

records for 5 hours after a full charge.

You can check out Smartmike+ on Kickstarter

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