Spiderman Far from Home Breakdown

Spiderman Far from Home Breakdown

The new Spider man far from home trailer just released and that means it is time to break down what we saw.

Warning: (spoilers ahead, if you have not seen Avengers Endgame, stop reading. If you don’t mind spoilers or have already seen the movie, then proceed)


The movie seems to take place right after the events of Avengers Endgame (five years into the future) with everyone still mourning the death of Tony Stark (including Spiderman). One interesting tid-bit is that all of the main characters look exactly the same and go to Europe together which means that they all died in Avengers Infinity Wars and were resurrected at the end of Endgame. Throughout the trailer, we go from New York to Europe with Peter as he goes on vacation leaving his suits at home. 


The spider suits are a character of themselves, with each having their own personality. The movie starts out with Spider-man using the Iron Spider Suit which is kind of cheating when dealing with petty criminals since its armor plated and has four arms. The Traditional Suit also makes an appearance along with the stealth suit and upgraded black suit.  


Mysterio (hero? Villain?) In the trailer mysterio is shown to be working with Nick Fury and Spiderman and is described of being from another universe (more on that later). We are left unsure as to what side he is on since he is the master illusionist and doesn’t seem to have much remorse to collateral damage as long as his world is safe.

Nick Fury: (hero), yup Fury is back with his Eye patch and ready to go.

Happy: (hero) who doesn’t love Happy? I mean, he is literally one of the funniest guys in the MC Universe. It appears that due to the loss of Tony Stark, Happy is taking up the mantle and guiding Peter to possibly be the next Iron Man. Either way, he is definitely going to be fun to watch.

Mary Jane: (hero) As always, mary jane is the hero is keeping peter in line and providing emotional depth to the movie.


There seems to be some surprises awaiting us in the movie as the multi-verse is actually known to exist now. This seems to be a tie in so that future movies with the X-men, and possibly other spider-men/women can come to be. This is back with Mysterio being from another Universe. One question that does arise is whether or not Tony Stark can come back to life in one of the other earth’s.

Mary-Jane knows Peters, Spider-man identity. Yup in one of the most hilarious scenes of the movie, mary-jane literally tells peter that it is kind or obvious that he is spider-man.

Overall, Spider-man far from home is gearing up to be a fantastic blockbuster, wrapping up the storylines from Avengers Endgame and establishing the next several movies in the MCU.


Spider-Man Far From Home open in theatres June 2nd, 2019    

EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4

EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4

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Twitter Retweets get an upgrade, Lets you add GIFs, videos and more