The DMOS Delta Shovel: Built for Life

The DMOS Delta Shovel: Built for Life


DMOS exists for one simple reason – to break the mold of the common tool. They got started by

creating award-winning snow and ski shovels through massively successful crowdfunding

campaigns. The latest addition to DMOS’ family is the Delta, the next phase in the evolution of

the shovel and a true year-round, multi-application solution.


While the first DMOS shovels were conceived to tame snow and ice, the Delta shovel is the first

to make the earth shudder, designed specifically for dirt. Engineered with offroad, camping and

survival needs in mind, the Delta is an elevated take on the classic military entrenching tool (e-

tool), with greater versatility, strength and utility. The e-tool has a long history going back ages,

which has only slightly been improved on over the years and yet it is a common piece of gear

that performs sub-optimally in just about every situation. The Delta is the reinvention of that tool,

but for the modern need of adventurers.

The Delta is chiefly a dirt shovel, but offers a year-round, multi-application solution for any

situation. With its three-part aluminum, telescoping, indexed locking shaft, the Delta Shovel can

extend to a full-sized length or collapse down to a more portable size. With the foldable 3-

position head, the Delta can be used as a shovel, a hoe, and e-tool and folds up for compact

stowing. The collapsible shaft also lets you use the Delta at various lengths (full length is 51”).

Combined together, you get a powerfully versatile tool that’s perfect for every situation.

The Delta has two different material options – either 6061 aircraft grade aluminum or 12-gauge

cold rolled steel. Both styles offer a second-to-none the strength and durability, with a 3 lbs


difference in weight and price being the tradeoff. In addition to incredible strength, the materials

utilized in the Delta also means the tool weighs 3.5 or 6.3 lbs. Collapsed, the Delta shovel stows

down to a compact 11” x 24” x 3” footprint, allowing it to be stored without sacrificing precious

cargo space.


The Delta shovel is a tool worthy of its place on the most discerning 4x4, adventure van or RV.

To ensure that it is close at hand for when things get challenging, a dedicated vehicle mount for

rear spare tires and roof racks is also be offered. This rattle-free and lockable mount allows the

Delta shovel to be quickly deployed in the case a vehicle needs to be recovered, a fire pit needs

to be dug, or the trail needs to be repaired.

The roof rack mount can be quickly installed to a wide variety of offroad and overland roof racks,

truck beds, or spare tire carriers. Constructed from 6061 aluminum, the mount can be installed

on a wide variety of aftermarket or factory equipment. Fits roof bars up to 2.0” in diameter and

includes mounting hardware for roof racks. A padlock can be easily added to the latch on the

mount, preventing jealous lowlifes from walking off with the Delta shovel.

If an adventurer prefers their tools are stored in a vehicle’s drawer system or a gear box, there

is an additional American-made, MOLLE-compatible bag designed specifically for storing the

Delta shovel. Mainly, think of the bag as a way to protect all your other gear from this beastly



DMOS believes that hardware errors should never happen. The Delta is for those that also do

not accept failure. DMOS shovels are built to the most stringent standards in the Portland, OR

factory out of domestically sourced, premium materials. Every DMOS product is carefully

engineered to the highest tolerances and is covered by a lifetime warranty against

manufacturing defects.


Every DMOS product is American-made. The company is a champion of the American

manufacturing spirit. The way DMOS manufactures their tools is as important as the things they

make. The manufacturing process is agile, lean and designed to leave as small a footprint as

possible on this incredible planet of ours.


Of course, DMOS understands you want to know all the specs of the Delta and the other gear.

The Delta Shovel

Shovel Blade Measurements - 11”x13”x2.25”

Fully Collapsed Measurements (blade folded) - 24” x 11” x 3” [61cm x 28cm x 8cm]

Weight (steel blade) - 6.3 lbs [2.85 kg]

Weight (aluminum blade) - 3.5lbs [1.58 kg]

Shaft Length - Extends to 51” [130 cm]

Shaft Material - Satin black anodized aluminum

Handle - Nylon zytel, T-grip style

The Delta Shovel Mount

Material: 6061 aluminum

Weight: 4.0 lbs.

Dimensions: 15”x12”x3.875”

The Delta Shovel Bag

Material: 1,000 Denier Nylon

Weight: 1 lb

Dimensions 25”x12”x4”

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