The MOFT X is an Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phones and Tablets that everyone needs

The MOFT X is an Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phones and Tablets that everyone needs

September 3, 2019 – Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand, MOFT (short for Mobile Office for Travelers) introduced two news Invisible Stands for tablets and mobile phones. The MOFT X Invisible Tablet and Phone Stands attach to the bottom of your device via reusable adhesive and quickly folds out when you need to change the vantage point for more productivity and comfort. 

The ultra-compact MOFT X Invisible Tablet and Phone Stands are less than 5mm thick and light as a feather, making them perfect for mobile working. Constructed with special polyurethane and fiberglass material, the MOFT stands are strong and stable, despite their ultra-slim size. Special removable adhesive means it conveniently attaches and detaches from your mobile device, reattaching again and again with the same strength, effectiveness and sensitivity … yet no glue residue.

MOFT 11.png

Paper-thin Magnetic Wallet Phone Stand

The MOFT X phone stand, only 4.7 mm thin and weighing 1 oz, comes with the following features: 

MOFT 9.png
  • Portrait and landscape modes. The two modes fit for both work and play. The 60-degree in portrait mode is suitable for meeting, web browsing and facetiming. The 40-degree in landscape mode works with movie watching and gaming.

  • Hidden pocket for cards. MOFT X comes with 3 slots with RFID-blocking. It’s a perfect place to fit ID card, credit card and so on. Fit your life in your pocket. 

  • Versatile with magnetic locking mechanism. It can be used in various environments and easily locked everywhere. With magnetic mounts, it can even be used in the kitchen, bedroom, car and etc.. 

  • Handgrip design for one-handed situations. The comfortable and secure handgrip allows you to multitask effectively. There is no need to worry about the possibility of a fall and have the phone damaged. With one hand to hold the device, running, taking a selfie and other activities will be much easier.

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Lightest & Most Adjustable Tablet Stand

The MOFT X tablet stand comes in two sizes, only 3.7 mm thin and weighing 3.0/4.8 oz respectively, comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable angles in multiple directions. There are possibilities of 8 angles to explore for different needs. The most distinctive part is the vertical orientation. It will blow you away with the convenience of propping up the phone when it comes to reading, face unlock or Facetime.

  • Stable in multiple situations and quick to transform. As there is a large bottom contact area, it can be used to view (facetime, watching movies) or interact (keyboard, painting) on different areas (knee, bed) with ease. 

  • Comfortable grip for single-handed use. To hold a tablet with handgrip prevents unexpected drops and reduces hand fatigue. Activities like hand sketching are no longer tiring.

  • Optional holder for Apple pencil. It works with both 1st and 2nd generations of Apple pencil, providing full protection for them from head to toe. The loss of Apple pencil can be prevented by attaching the pencil to the back of the stand. Besides, it supports the magnetic charging of the 2nd generation of Apple pencil.

  • Compatible with most models. It comes with 2 sizes to choose from. The smaller version is designed for iPad mini, and the larger version for 9.7” iPad, iPad Pro and larger screens as well.

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