TRONEX - A New Generation Of Flashlights

TRONEX - A New Generation Of Flashlights

Tronex is a device of a new generation which is designed by enthusiastic and creative people. They are eager not only to make a useful product but an eye-catching and comfortable item as well.

Tronex is a flashlight which has a number of advantages turning it radically different from other similar devices, and thus – way better.

It is created with a thought of those who like to enjoy life to the fullest. For those who are always open for adventures and new discoveries, for mobile people who won’t let the night interfere with their plans.

Some keyfeatures of this gadget worth mentioning:

• fixation on the back which leaves your hands free

• several modes of work: turbo, strobe, normal brightness, organic LED energy saving

• lighting from behind that marks in the darkness which is important in the terms of safety

• option to charge electronic gadgets with a standard USB connection

• compact case for comfortable storage when out of use

• two lenses producing powerful light beams (output up to 4900 lumens with max beam distance up to 1538ft - 469 m)

• long runtime (up to 19 hours)

• four powerful batteries 13600 MAH

• vast lighted area (over 160 degrees)

• retractable belt and more.


The idea to create such a product came up with a demand to have one’s hands free and not to feel clumsy when it is the precision of each movement that counts. Once limited to the daytime, such a gadget makes it possible to proceed at night as well. Thus, people will be able not to lose their time waiting till morning but do what they are passionate about any moment they like.

The Tronex team hopes that with a campaign on Kickstarter, their creation will be appreciated by backers who will support and enjoy using this flashlight in the future. It is vital in many extreme sports and outdoor activities.

The Tronex creators believe that their message in life is to design unique and extraordinary items to make life not only easier but more beautiful as well.

In the era of advanced technologies, it is only appropriate to make the best of recent inventions for the benefit of mankind.

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